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Wildcat Products Home : Disc Cleaner (CDs, DVDs & Roms) "Travel Size" 4oz.

Disc Cleaner (CDs, DVDs & Roms) "Travel Size" 4oz.

CD Cleaner DVD Cleaner CD Rom Cleaner Disc Cleaner Compact Disc Cleaner Product Code: CDC-100b
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Disc Cleaner (CDs, DVDs & Roms) "Travel Size" 4oz. Description:

Wildcat Disc Cleaner was developed to insure maximum results with your compact discs and DVDs. Disc Cleaner will remove all fingerprints and clean the surface of foreign material, also serving to help prevent static. Wilcat Disc Cleaner will help to keep your discs playing for a long time.

Wildcat Disc Cleaner is a commercially manufacturered product designed for CDs in jukeboxes and has been proven for the past 15 years in the amusement vending field.

It is now being released to the public for use on CDs and DVDs.

Without proper care, the life of a CD is 7 years.

The product removes fingerprints, dirt, dust, buildup, and static from the CD, so no interference is caused when using the CD or DVD. A clearer sound and picture is obtained when using; excellent for use in home, car, and office.

Directions: Spray a small amount on the surface of the disc (both sides). Then, gently rub with a soft, lint-free cloth until all of the Wildcat Disc Cleaner is gone. When this is completed use the cloth to put the disc back into storage.

Our Guarantee:
Wildcat Products offer the strongest guarantee in the business. You must be absolutely satisfied with Disc Cleaner (CDs, DVDs & Roms) "Travel Size" 4oz. or we'll make it right or a full refund, whichever you think is best. Kindly let us know within 30 days after purchase and we'll take care of it.


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"I have known Joe Peters for twenty years and have been using Wildcat merchandise here at Operators Distributing for that long also. That alone should speak for itself. We are very pleased to handle the WILDCAT lineup of products. Joe, we wish you continued success at WILDCAT."

Jeff Douglas,
Parts and Service Manager

Operator's Distributing Inc., High Point, NC

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