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Minimum order is 2 bottles. You can mix and match different products. Shipping is $17.25 for the first bottle and $3.50 for each additional.

About Us

WILDCAT PRODUCTS is offering a select few of the maintenance chemicals used by professionals in the coin op industry to the home consumer. WILDCAT has served the professional coin op industry since 1969. Our WILDCAT #125 Pinball Cleaner & Polish IS the industry standard. Our cleaners and maintenance products are sold in all 50 states and 33 countries. And now the home user, as well as discriminating buyers of collectible pinballs, videos and juke boxes can restore and maintain these fine pieces of coin op machinery in the best tradition. All products are the same size and strength that the professionals use.


Joe Peters attended the University of Texas at Arlington pursuing a degree in Marketing. Before starting WILDCAT he worked for a national chemical company as a sales representative, winning many awards for top salesmanship. Feeling a need to expand the dimensions of his abilities Joe founded his own chemical company.

WILDCAT PRODUCTS was founded in 1969 by Joe Peters as a wholesale industrial chemical company. Joe began with $250.00, an old Royal typewriter and a 1968 pickup truck. He named his company WILDCAT after the infamous wildcat oil drilling rigs of Texas, thinking that if he lost all of his “investment” it wouldn’t set him back too much. There wasn’t much to loose.

Soon a friend in the coin operated vending industry asked him to suggest a product, which could be used to clean and lubricate the steel rods of a foozball table. After Joe spoke with a fledgling foozball manufacturer in Dallas, the manufacturer wanted to start a promotion for their new foozball table. In 1975 they decided to put a can of “WILDCAT Foozball Silicone” in every table shipped from the factory. This was the beginning of a national and international acceptance of “WILDCAT FOOZBALL SILICONE.” At that time, manufacturers of foozball tables in Germany, Italy, France, England and the United States also requested the promotional cans for their tables. The end result of the promotions with the manufacturers resulted in WILDCAT FOOZBALL SILICONE being retailed through distributorships and parts houses in the coin op industry throughout the United States. And thus, WILDCAT became an established name.

Next, the friend inquired about a cleaner for the playfield of a pinball game. The playfield of a pinball game is laminated wood with silk-screened graphics. The problem to solve was to minimize the damage the chrome ball inflicted on the playfield as it ground in dirt and destroyed the graphics. Through much lab work and field testing Joe developed WILDCAT #125 Pinball Playfield Cleaner and Polish. Sales were slow at first, until at a trade show in Chicago, a Bally Manufacturing Company representative came by the WILDCAT booth and asked for a sample.

Joe was to learn later that Bally and other pinball manufacturers had long since been looking for a product to solve this deterioration problem on the playfield. Within thirty to sixty days Bally had field tested and accepted the product and wanted to recommend it highly. Thus a promotion was in order. Another national and international promotion with a bottle of WILDCAT #125 PINBALL PLAYFIELD CLEANER, in each pingame came to fruition. The rest, as they say, is history. WILDCAT became a household word in the coin op industry.

In 1992 Joe Peters developed CDC-100 to clean, polish and protect the surface of compact discs. The uses for CDC-100 in the coin op market are somewhat limited to juke boxes and computers. In order to expand sales of CDC-100 and other WILDCAT products Peters wanted to explore the home market. Aware of the expansion of CD players and computers in homes the market is vast and unlimited. In the opinion of professionals the home market is the new frontier to conquer and be aligned with. This is our future.

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Wildcat Products offers the strongest guarantee in the business. You must be absolutely satisfied with our products or we’ll make it right or a full refund, whichever you think is best. Kindly let us know within 30 days after purchase and we’ll take care of it.

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